A versatile modular solution for any room

Our Reflex® system is a cost-effective and attractive way to create your ideal table layout in any room.

Designed as separate table tops with flat-folding metal base
frames, the Reflex® modular system lends itself perfectly to
function rooms or multi-purpose interiors, where flexibility,
ease-of-assembly and compact fold-away storage are essential
requirements. It is a highly popular office solution, as well as
being used in hotels, courtrooms, council rooms and for
exhibitions and conferences.

Choose from a range of stylish module shapes to create your
table or desk configuration, add on optional side 'modesty
panels' if required, choose your top finish from a wide range of
standard heat-resistant melamine or premium real wood
veneers, and finally select your preferred colour finish on the
base metal frame. For added style and individuality, our wooden
tops can also be inlaid with wood veneers in your choice of
design and colour finish.


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